“We believe connections between people guide the paths of our lives. Here at Purple Lotus, we
apply Buddhist wisdom to guide our thoughts and actions to build a life of good quality. What is
important is that our whole community tries together with a sense of wonder and commitment.”

- Albert Tsang
Assistant Principal


Purple Lotus School is a non-profit private Buddhist school dedicated to educating its students on healthy living and teaching the ways of Tibetan Buddhism. In partnerships with Purple Lotus Temple, families, and volunteers, PLS supports its students to reach a balanced state of well-being. With guidance and vision from Dharma Master Samantha Chou, this communal support sheds light to values we hold for our school and students alike.

Education & Curriculum

Located in the heart of Union City, California, PLS strives to use education as a vehicle for enlightened living; students are challenged to think mindfully and reflect on life’s obstacles in an effort to build character. PLS maintains the idea that personal development is mutually inclusive with education. Students in PLS are committed to life-long
learning and setting own expectations of achievement in communication, leadership, and creativity. Through our curriculum and staff, PLS exemplifies characteristics of scholarship, compassion, self-discipline, and effort so students, in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, can become accountable and responsible members of the community so to take leadership in
changing not just their own lives, but the world around them.


Through Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, our school emphasizes the belief that happiness and peace is not an attainable goal, but rather existent as it is. Enlightened living is to realize that we have choice in our own lives, whether it is our physical, spiritual, or mental state. In connection to our faith, students adhere to virtues of achievement and self-standards. With practice of meditation and Buddhist philosophy in ties with community service, our students gain heightened levels of compassionate co-existence with others.