Class of 2004

LETTER | Megia C | JUN 2005

To all my dear friends, teachers, and fellow readers, How goes your summer? My, it‘s getting hotter and hotter like no other! I‘m so glad to be home. College is exciting, and the workload is demanding, but nothing beats home!

I truly understood the meaning of “home, sweet home” when I came home for a visit a few months back. No matter how excessively your college apartment is decorated, the seven photo albums and cute picture frames and fifteen teddy bears just didn‘t cut it. It lacked the scent of mama‘s cooking‘, warmth and laughter of family. Now don‘t get me wrong, I‘m not trying to say college life is humdrum or depressing, nor am I extremely nostalgic! College…. just takes some getting used to. But it‘s an awesome adventure! I‘ve met so many wonderful people down in UC San Diego. The weather is absolutely wonderful, scenery breathtaking, and though schoolwork is a tad bit hectic and chaotic, I find absolute tranquility and peace in my environment. Full story »

Ms. Megia Chou graduated from UC San Diego.

Class of 2006

LETTER | Stephen L | SEP 2007

It’s been over a year since I’ve graduated and since then I have yet to find a place as unique and amazing as the Purple Lotus Buddhist School. To me, this place is more than just my high school; it’s like a home to me. Every time I visit during breaks from college I am greeted by the warm smiles and joyous laughter of familiar and new faces alike. While others may consider the small size of the campus as a disadvantage, I find that that is what makes this school so charming; it really helps create a family atmosphere.
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Mr. Stephen Lai graduation from UC San Diego with majored in Computer Engineering.

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