Reverend Lian Yi

Rev. Lian Yi | Buddhism Instructor |

As a 2004 graduate of Purple Lotus School, Reverend Lian Yi is a dedicated teacher, reaching out to his students and those around them, educating on the principle of impermanence and peace. In 2007 and at the age of 21, Reverend Lian Yi ordained and chose to take on a life of selflessness in benefit of all beings. Reverend Lian Yi has both a Bachelors in Buddhist Studies from Purple Lotus University and a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture from Bastyr University. Today, he uses his wisdom and knowledge to provide guidance and advise to students, in addition to alleviating pain and teaching about healthy living. He often speaks the words, “Peace is not attained, but rather existent as is; we just need to stop disturbing it.” Standing tall and with a loud resonating voice, Reverend Lian Yi is a joyful and happy individual who brings smiles everywhere he goes. We are fortunate to have Reverend Lian Yi as our Tai-chi instructor and Buddhist Philosophy teacher for Purple Lotus School.

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