Reverend Lian Jiang

Rev. Lian Jiang | Buddhism Instructor |

Reverend Lian Jiang was born in Taiwan, and first received his degree in Business Administration and Industrial and Engineering Management from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. As a child, Reverend Lian Jiang always had a fervent interest in faith; he then continued his education and received a Master’s in Religious Studies, from University of the West located in Rosemead, California.  He studied English during his time the U.S. and later returned to Taiwan.

Rev. Lian Jiang worked in the computer industry for over 6 years as a project leader and manager, building on his management, communication and interpersonal skills. He’s had the fortunate opportunity to work for various companies, including Apple. In 2012, he ordained as a monk in True Buddha School.

In his spare time, Rev. Lian Jiang enjoys reading books and listening to speeches and talks. He enjoys a good discussion about Buddhism and how to apply it in our everyday lives. Reverend Lian Jiang shares his knowledge and personal experiences to his students, drawing on real-life situations for students to connect their own experiences to and reflect on Buddhist philosophies. He is currently teaching our introductory Buddhism course.