Jocelyn Lai

Jocelyn Lai | Administrator |

Jocelyn Lai is a fellow administrator, helping in planning and managing aspects of the school programs. As a graduate of Purple Lotus School in 2009, Jocelyn had the fortunate opportunity to further her interests in human development, global poverty and philanthropy in the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating with a Bachelors in both Psychology and Social Welfare, Jocelyn utilizes her knowledge on social interaction and well-being to work with individuals of all backgrounds. Jocelyn has worked in many non-profit sectors – as a Lead Coordinator for OASES, an after-school program tutoring under-privileged youth in Oakland, to a Continuity of Care Advocate in Suitcase Clinic, a college-student run organization that provides health and social services to low-income populations in the Berkeley/Oakland community.

With a passion and interest in helping others, Jocelyn continues to stay hungry for knowledge, questioning societal infrastructures and analyzing the different solutions currently developed in addressing social issues. She currently continues her work at Purple Lotus in an effort to give back the community that has provided much to her, while studying holistic health and healing on her free time.