Why Purple Lotus?


“Our unique global service and health & wellness theme is unparalleled to other private schools
in the East Bay.”

Lama Kwok C. Ng

Purple Lotus School takes pride in our commitment to provide a safe nurturing learning environment, which instills students with wisdom and knowledge to become well-balanced individuals. Our school emphasizes small classroom interaction and a safe environment that fosters individuality and provides the attention students need to grow. Students become accustom to the family-like atmosphere with role-models of older students without the worry of bullying.

As a 1st – 12th grade education, students are given the opportunity to know their peers and teachers for years. We believe that teaching good character and spiritual awareness takes a life-time to achieve, and introducing our students to these ideas at an early age allows us them to grow up with positive behaviors and personalities.


o Percentage of students that go to college; list of colleges
o Amount of community service required of our students
o Classes we offer
o Testimonial videos (Leonard, etc.)