“In my years of propagating Buddha Dharma around the world, I have seen and helped
countless people. Among them, many are well-educated but couldn’t help themselves or others
when facing difficulties in life. Purple Lotus School is therefore established with the aim to bring
not just quality academic training to future generations, but most importantly, the inspiration
and wisdom to find their inner strength. Through learning Buddha Dharma and practicing daily
meditation, our students will discover their true wisdom within and will soon begin to acquire
valuable abilities to be calm, strong, compassionate, and ultimately achieve inner peace.”

Venerable Dharma Master Samantha Chou

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Are you ready to apply to be a Purple Lotus School student for the next academic year? We are excited and cannot wait to be in touch with you! For more information on our upcoming admissions events, take a look at our information session dates and options to the right.


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Admissions Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8am – 6pm

We welcome students in grades 1st – 12th, regardless of ethnic background, national origin, or gender to apply for Purple Lotus. Acceptance is based on upon previous academic records, recommendations, and an evaluation process by Purple Lotus. Requirements and application dates vary depending on the grade and if the student is an international student.